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tv   [untitled]    May 4, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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may 3rd and those are available on line in english, spanish and chinese. hopefully, we'll get some interested candidates for next year and we'll have a new crop of pack members. on to other tops our past meeting this past month we had an opportunity to meet with raymond martinez and we actually have inundated him with a lot of questions. this office has been around for a few years now and we were interested in what kind of data was being kept and georgia put together our staff questions and raymond worked diligently and
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came with some interesting data. this year there were more than 2 hundred and 70 concerns registered with the office and were interested in the concerns and some of the trend we learned about is the majority of family are elementary parent and there's concerns from high school but the highest numbers of complaints are bullying and most residents are referred to the office of family voice or referred by the education placement center. the majority of families are latinos or african-american there's very few chinese using
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the services. why is it that there's a low percent of chinese families we don't know if there are barriers such a language. it seems unliken there are less concerns but we think it's something worth looking at. and possibly having another chinese staff member in that office. another question was are the practices of bullying being addressed. we know that some families are being offered the services but the families didn't want to use the processes or they felt the schools weren't interested so it's something worth looking at and it's also reaching into
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schools and families as well within the schools with concerns about student behavior and 15 we wonder how saved parents and families are feeling with the relatives their getting through the office and we're not sure that information is being tracked but hopeful that would what about met through the office. we want to thank raymond for being open with us he he's promised to collect data in the future and bring it to our meeting. we hope that the district staff will look at the data and think of ways to improve the office and there's another item.
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the pack team celebration is may 13 before the board meeting at 555 franklin it's from 430 to 6. we're going to be recognizing the commissioners who offered the resolution to create the parents council and hope to have all our former members and commissioners and we also want to thank the commissioner for the food th for this event and anyone else who wants to participate see you there >> yes, thank you for your report for if staff could take
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note about what the council is asking about the low number of chinese parents and doing a analysis and any of my fellow colleagues want to assist me in the celebration i'd like appreciate our help. >> i think that's very, very good impact from the pack. i'd like to ask the deputy superintendent to share some news. >> thank you superintendent i
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think this is important certain to look at it. so this protect take into account. we're also thinking about our capacity of the school district to meet the families across all of our schools our liaisons are key folks but we're going going to add a role working under the superintendents to support the kind of capacity believe we want to see across our communities more to come on that. >> thank you, thank you for the report. we're going to move on the public content items. i have no card so we will move on to item g the consent calendar may i hear a motion
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please? >> thank you. are there any items corrected or withdrawn? no one tonight? any items moved by the first board? none? any discussion and vote tonight. >> i want to make an information request it's the 80 excel negligence the calendar. i just want to know if we can get a listings of the agencies and how much money they're getting etc. we've got a exhaust number of contracts and i'm fine with them but you see the same agrees it's a hard to keep track of them
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all. i know this isn't exact but this avoids not voting >> any other items that board members wish to severe for discussion? roll call will take place under section o. now colleagues i would like to move up item q for the superintendents reading for first reading. we have a presentation coming up but first, this is the establishment it's 124 - establishments of a higher level can i hear a motion? second >> thank you.
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i'm going to refer it after ms. wilson i refer it last; right? that you i'd like to call on members of your offer site committee on this item. just press the button and introduce yourselves. >> jim, combrag. i'm jim i'm the chair the citizens bond oversight committee it was created to propose 59 and its duties includes the spending of the body revenues to make sure their extended only as described. the committee is charged with
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mooment be bond revenue see any - the cdc meet to review and discuss the proposed policy to establish the projects under the 2011. give the restriction of the bond composed by the voters. we have some projected additional costs to the bond project as a result of higher results. the district commissions an independent third party economists to assess how the project would impact the administrative cost and two it
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have a legal opinion the legal higher propose would not violate the propose. it's based on purely statutory. it's not based on the ability of the district to serve as the engine or the potential to create jobs for the public. the cb oc requests to the district are motivated that clearly day that a higher policy can be implemented given the absence and the aubs absent of any case authority that is directly on point that authorized the policewomen's of a local higher policy. the cbc is further concerned
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that any additional expenditure of funds due to hire policy is inconsistent with the bond issues approved by the voters and my colleague will discuss this further. this is to - if the commissioners have any questions or comments at the end of our presentation we'd be glad to address them >> thank you at this time i have one card so i'd like to call up mr. willingly i didn't radcliffe to the podium. >> and superintendent and the
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staff i'm delighted and what we've been able to pull off here. i won't give up and never will but this is great what we have come up here with our community and city and especially for our students that we can have an opportunity to move up and look forward at some things. not everybody is going to do three or four years in the college but there's some good construction jobs out driver's license. oh, i'll just go and be an engineer. we can see light at the end of the tunnel. it takes a long time sometimes to turn a big ship around but
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that's what we've done. i want to congratulate the labor movement it's something we can all be proud of. and i feel like crying be another and i want to thank everybody. >> thank you any questions or comment from the board before we refer this item? yes >> there was a further comment regarding economical concerns. >> i'll keep my comments brief. the nature of our certain regarding whether the local higher policy is in compliance with propose 39 is the assumptions that any policy that the board would adopt would have no negative economical impacts on costs or the expenditures of the bond program.
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we've identified 5 major economical drivers that would potentially impact it and that's it points $300,000 we've been informed that that would cost to monitor the program above and beyond which is typically spent by the bond program. internally we had a robust discussion about whether this is a necessary expense and secondary we're concerned about the costs on the part of contractors would be uniformly passed on. and fourth we don't know nor has been expressed to us the supply
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that is required of projects and finally we're concerned that the district would due have burdens of cost and we request a legal analysis to understand what this might cost. thank you very much. >> thank you any comments from the board? i want to thank you both for bringing this to our attention. i just want to ask you to share with us the make up of the committee and what kinds of background folks bring to the table. and we it was unanimously
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supported at the meeting. it's a multiple ethnic background it happens to be lead by an alderman and two latinos and mrs. garcia and so someone who used to work in the facilities i work with the sdments. the other gentleman is an attorney. we are able to add some professional expertise to help guide our opinions. i'm going to go ahead and refer this to those the committee as a whole - i'm sorry
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>> gosh you were on the oversight committee and you're still there are. i'm glad. so just in terms of the analysis that our exploring are you including in that the benefits that the local higher can produce as well >> we don't usually do this but we should save that as important for committee. we'll have a robust discussion at committee are the date is posted on the website. >> thank you gentlemen for coming. all right. we are going to move on.
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item 8 superintendent proposals and speaker cards there are none and proposals increase none and now we move on to item j. request to speak regarding general matters. i have several groups who would like to speak sea i would like to remind everybody speaking we ask you not to refer to the employee of the district by name. so if i want to refer to a position that's okay. but please don't river to employees by name. i'm going to call up the school.
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i apologize if i say our name wrong. there's an interpretation isn't there? okay 4 minutes per speaker. we're going to give every speaker 4 minutes because of interpretation. >> hi everyone. my daughter is actually third
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grad student and from k to second grade there was no bullying problem. and since third grade there was so many bullying from the classmate and i request to switch class but the principle refused. when i tried to meet with the principle and she said i'm busy and i know there is is zero tolerance against bullying.
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and finally, i can meet with the principle and this time after meeting with her i'm very disappointed and she also overturned what my daughter complained to her. and also in my face she said that my daughter make up the story and say my daughter was lying and no self-confidence and she said that beat her up make her stronger more
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self-confident. and the attitude from the principle from the principle to my daughter treating my daughter like criminal and also feel like hating my daughter he this kind of behavior is not acceptable and i told the principle she's just a little kid. i'm very upset the way the principle handled the situation and also very upset she said that being bullying would
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improve self confidence and i'm very stressful. my daughter come home from school crying. also i because i just gave birth to another baby i can't sleep or eat and also can't take care of my little one. and i'm so very and don't know what happen everyday and hopefully, the commission can help me solve the problem. thank you. i want to remind people i only
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have for more cards everybody else is there to show support. that should be fine. i had 5 cards one person just spoke so i have 4 cards >> i'm speaking on behalf of a parented who has a daughter at the v v s v s. actually, i'm speaking on behalf
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of another parents and her daughter actually got pumped and hit and actually she fell he hit the mouth and teeth and very painful, bleeding all the time and couldn't talk that day and the teacher made a report already. they also put on ice pack on her mouth but the school doesn't notify the personality until 530 when the parents pick up the
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kid. when the parents picked up her daughter and she still bleeding and she upset that nobody notified her and she tried to meet with the principle but the principle was gone already. and the parents also crying after seeing that and also feeling that the school is not responsible for the safety of the kids.
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and also there's another problem. during life imprisonment the kids get yelled at by the principle so sad. during lunchtime. and making the kids so not like going to school and this kind of principle i don't know how he, take care of the school. >> thank you. >> can you state our name,
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please. >> hi everyone i'm a parents of visitation valley school. there was an incident that fifth grade student brought a kitchen knife to school but the principle didn't handle that good and not report to the police and didn't notify the
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parents. and on april 15th the same student the second time brought a pair of scissors to school and the principle called the police this time. and there was during recess and all the students watched the police handcuff the school and has a psychological impact to all the students. and the principle did not notify the parentsnd